The Legion of Super-Heroes is a group of teenaged super-heroes from the 30th Century published by DC Comics, Inc.
Their first appearance was in ADVENTURE COMICS #247 (April 1958). However, this web site isn't about them.
It's about...

The Outsiders by Dave Cockrum

Back in the 1970's, Dave Cockrum brought the struggling Legion of Super-Heroes out of obscurity in the pages of SUPERBOY. During his short run, the team went from a back-up feature to co-stars. Many members were given great, new costumes. Dave also created four new Legionnaires to be included on the team. Only one of which, Starfire (later ERG-1/Wildfire), made it onto the team and into the comic. The other three - Nightcrawler, Quetzal, and Typhoon - ended up as members of a proposed offshoot team.

The Outsiders by Dave Cockrum, colors by Gary Chamberlain

The team also didn't make it into the series before Dave was lured away by Marvel Comics to co-create the All-New X-Men in GIANT-SIZE X-MEN #1 (1975). Nightcrawler became a member of that team. Typhoon and Quetzal (along with another Cockrum creation Black Cat) merged to form Storm.

Dave Cockrum also created a team of villains to battle the Legion and/or the Outsiders. He now calls them the Strangers, but they were called the Devastators back then. Only Tyr made it into the pages of SUPERBOY.

The Strangers by Dave Cockrum, colors by Gary Chamberlain

Clockwise from Tyr is Wolverine (a vulpine/feral type, 2 years before the X-Men's Logan), his sister Foxglove (name was later changed to Belladonna, a vampire), Sidewinder, & Manta.

Dave Cockrum was always interested in returning to the Legion - either returning to the current series or doing an Elseworlds set during the time that he was working on the series before his death on Nov. 26th, 2006.

RIP Dave Cockrum

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